Element boxes


Raglan long sleeve

  • All products have different patterns depending on the fabric’s cut.
  • Beautifully created, hand painted design; digitally transferred onto fabric.
  • Slightly shiny medium thick 100% cotton.
  • No neck tag for max. comfort.
  • The brand label and the care label material are 100% cotton.
  • Design, print, sewing all made in Japan.
  • Sizes & Care
  • Shipping – globally ($9~)


Element boxes


The birth of the earth that we live in, created 4.6 billion years ago.

10 billion years passed after the beginning of the universe.

The newly born earth looks like a fireball, and the rock on the surface is a sea of melting red magma.

Then, when the temperature on the surface dropped, heavy rain continued for tens of thousands of years, bringing a vast ocean to the earth.

500 million years passed after plants have moved into the earth.

I expressed the process of evolution of the lovable earth with a unique blocking.

Acrylic painting


Those that existed for a long time do not speak, but quietly talk to us.


How was the earth before humanity was born? Let's imagine it.

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