We make elements of art that creates communication in children’s clothing.

The aim is to expand the interest of children with the design of Hand in Hand.

Our story

When my first child was born, I started looking for clothing for her with colors and designs that met my exact standards for quality.

Yet when I went shopping, local retailers only carried children’s clothing in a small palette of colors, and with fabrics in a quality far worse than adult clothing.

My stylish friends said they resigned themselves to buying these clothes for their kids because there were no other options.

That’s why I decided to buy my own fabric and sew my children clothing that met my expectations.

I lacked time and funds, so this initial repertoire was small and makeshift, but it led me to realize that my children did not need a vast collection of clothing — a small selection is enough.

At the same time as this project was born, there was also a growing passion to connect children and families to enjoy more beautiful and unique clothes.

Thank you for visiting and your time.

We want to be your partner in the parenting process by creating meaningful clothing designs for your child.

We continue researching further every day in order to develop lovely clothing and comfortable lifestyle ideas for mothers everywhere.

The creators

Nana Sugawara & Alice Jones

Children around us

Two women with a mission: Making wearable art for children!

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