『Exciting wardrobe for children』

Hand in Hand makes creatively designed children’s clothing with acrylic gouache and watercolor paints along with a Japanese fabric and garment factory in line with the theme of tickling intellectual curiosity.
We think that children’s clothes can play a bigger role for children other than just consumable items.
A wardrobe where you can share your way of life and ideas with your family.   read more…


1. Give clothes like a new picture book– Art look that creates sparks communication in your life.

2. Protect Japanese garment factories– We will continue to support those rare manufacturers with fair trade.

3. NO! For mass production and consumption of children’s clothes– It is time for us to change our consciousness for the earth. Hand in Hand clothes are designed so that they can be worn for a long time beyond the season and the dirt is not noticeable. We ask parents to recycle or donate the clothes to children in need when they grow out of it.

4. Zero waste policy– When we make a product, we pick up the waste from the garment factory and reinvent it into a new project.


About us

We want to be your partner in the parenting process by creating meaningful clothing designs for your child.


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Collection concept

Beginning of the world –


For all


Our creations:
unique & passionate

Clothing is a key point in expressing someone’s identity
and where they come from.
Our goal is to create clothing that brings out
the unique qualities of your child.

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